Dr. Mcfadden Calls Child Protective Services Essay

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• In the scenario posed Ms. McFadden calls child protective services when she realizes that the children are unattended all night, do you think this is realistic? Why or why not? Do you think this threshold would be different if Ms. McFadden saw the children being injured in some way?
The call by Ms. McFadden is not warranted in this situation. There is no harm to the children. There is no intention to deny them of the motherly care and the love. Being that the allegations were made by Christie’s mother but the investigations seem not to come up with anything. The DHS department relied on wrong evidence in executing their rehabilitation plan. If there was a direct injury or neglect, then there was needed to take Christie through a rehabilitative process.

• What do you think about Trevor John’s tactics for gaining entry into the Smith home?
The failure to call beforehand means that Trevor was an inexperienced officer. The entry without an involvement of the owner of the house also means that the DHS department had no regard for the privacy and the safety of the clients who the department attended.
Acting on un-investigated reports proves that the DHS is not keen on serving the good of the clients. Apart from storming the house with cops, the use of officers to collect children from their home and drive them far away is a complete indicator of a failed system that is only intent on implementing the opposite of the mandate.
• Sandra Jimenez discusses compelling reasons why…

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