Dr. Martin Luther King Essay

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The morning of January 15, 1929 marks the birth of one of the most inspiring and influential people in history, Dr. Martin Luther King. The life of Dr. King was an extraordinary one. His life was one filled with passion and dedication for something he loved. Not many people on this earth would go through the trials and tribulations that he endured. Since Dr. King was born, his entire life was devoted to the wellness and betterment of not only minorities around him, but also the right and freedoms of humanity as a whole. Starting out as a Pastor in Montgomery, AL, King began his journey preaching about the importance of love, acceptance and equality as well as reducing hate.
Dr. King was a man of powerful words. There are endless quotes that he came up with to put words in a form that were more powerful than any weapon created. Throughout his life a question that was always trivial to Dr. King was, “how do people react when their whit is tested?” (McGuire). Although Dr. King grew in the ranks among the minority favorites through boycotting and public preaching he faced tough times that many people would not be able to handle. Documentation shows that Dr. King was arrested around twenty times and assaulted at least four times through his protesting and speaking. All of the hate and violence of a world divided set Dr. King up for something he could not have imagined. After catching the attention of the entire world through the letters written in a Birmingham jail…

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