Dr. King 's Speech Essays

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Dr. King used oratorical questions, metaphors and an urgent tone to make his letter engaging and significant. Dr. King writes to the reader so that they could see that the unjust treatment, segregation, and lack of rights was an injustice to the black American and to question why it was happening. There were several criticisms from the white clergy to Dr. King which influenced his response to them; four of them being, outsiders coming into Birmingham, the white moderate, the white church and the commendation of the Alabama police department.
One of the main criticisms the white clergy writes to King about is the idea of the outsider coming in to change the situation in Birmingham. Dr. King establishes his credibility by stating that he did not consider himself an outsider. King responds, “I am in Birmingham because injustice is here,” and “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” (King). Dr. King means that he is in Birmingham because the situation in Birmingham appeals to his personal motive. Thus, he would be anywhere injustice could be found. Dr. King explains to the white clergy that he is first an American, and as such, he should not be considered an outsider. Therefore, even if he does not claim permanent residence in Alabama, he is justified to be addressing the issues facing the people of Alabama. Whatever happens in Birmingham should be of interest to him and in his home in Atlanta because they share a common destiny as a country.
King also lets the…

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