Dr. King 's Dream Essay

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Dr. King’s Dream
Over fifty years ago, the fight for equality was at its peak. In 1963, Dr. King’s speech expressed his concern for the future; he used it to motivate and encourage change within America. His speech provides an excellent perspective of the African American life. Dr. King briefly explains the treatment African Americans endured throughout the 1900’s. Some of these issues persist. Inequality is an important issue within America, and it clearly shows a nation without unity. Not only for black people, but other ethnicities are treated unequal as well. Another issue in today’s society is racism. It exists all over the world; however, it is not easily noticeable. Racism is usually viewed through one’s actions. When questioning whether or not someone is racist, the common answer is no since it is not easily admitted. In America, people ignore racism hoping it will one day disappear. Much like racism, people judge others for being different. The world is unique; it is not made up of the same types of people so one should not expect to be treated the same, but with equal respect.
People would love to believe there is equality in today’s society; however, that is far from true. In Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech he explains how the world is unequal. Dr. King describes the life of a Negro in the south as “a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity” (King 262). African Americans were surrounded by…

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