Dr. Frankenstein And Lord Henry Essay

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Mary Shelley and Oscar Wilde truly portray Dr.Frankenstein in Frankenstein and Lord Henry in The Picture of Dorian Gray as monsters as opposed to the monster and Dorian Gray. Not only do each of these Romantic literary writings provide themes of imagination, intuition, inspiration ,and idealism, but they also present flaws in society which are exhibited in the creators and in turn are found in each of their creations. Dr.Frankenstein and Lord Henry lack the moral responsibility for their creations and ultimately impress their faults upon their creations therefore creating monsters that emulate themselves.
Dr. Frankenstein and Lord Henry can similarly be viewed as the source of the behavior for the monster and Dorian Gray. If one views Dr.Frankenstein and Lord Henry as the true monsters, what really defines them as monsters, especially if their creations are the ones pursuing monstrous activity? To further define whether the behavior of Dr.Frankenstein and Lord Henry is monstrous one must also analyze whether the creator knowingly or unknowingly prompted the behavior (Traynelis). If the creator knowingly created a monstrous and despicable creation then one may argue that indeed the creator is the true monster. The monster Dr.Frankenstein created did not originate as a monstrous despicable creature. The monster developed its character and personality from what Dr.Frankenstein himself exhibited. The monster at first innocent, gained immediate misconceptions of human behavior…

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