Down Syndrone Essay

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Down syndrome Here in this study the subject of Down syndrome will be discussed. An attempt to educate on the cause and what the disease is will be discussed and talked about. First of all what is Down syndrome? Down syndrome is according to (Web MD) is a set of physical and mental traits that are caused by a gene problem that happens before birth. In majority of children with this disease they inherit similar traits that cause them to resemble one another. They usually are short and stocky children and are to a certain degree have mental retardation traits also. There may be one in the crowd that barely …show more content…
The way this is done is by taking one of two tests. During the late part of the first trimester of pregnancy is one option. The doctor orders a blood test and a ultrasound so that he or she can check the fetus or baby for the disease. The doctor will then use the ultrasound which is like x-ray vision to see into the mom’s womb. If there is presence of for something that looks thick in the baby’s neck crease than that indicates there may be Down syndrome present. The crease in the neck that the doctor is looking at is called the (nuchal fold). Another test that’s done is a blood test called a “maternal serum triple screen or quadruple screen”. This is usually done in the second pregnancy trimester. This process measures the mom’s blood for substance to check for Down syndrome. Sometimes the results can fool you. Sometimes the results can show symptoms and there may not be any. If this happens than your doctor or you may want to have a different test taken. This test is one that can also be taken in the second trimester that’s called an Amniocentesis or (Amnio) for short. This consists of the doctor inserting a long needle through the belly or vagina. This is designed to get a sample of the fluid from the baby’s amniotic sack.
The group that are most affected by the disease Down syndrome is the younger population since that’s where it starts. Some character traits would include the facial structure. The nose mouth neck and eyes are

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