Essay on Don 't Judge A Book By It 's Cover

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Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover In the novel, The Scarlet Letter written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, there is a process of how Hester’s letter A went from being adulterous to able to angel. Hester use to be seen as A sinner but as time went by Hester went through a Process that made her a better person. She helped others and was better off than if she had not confessed her sin. In the end The “A” became something more to others than just a symbol showing that she had committed a great sin. People in the town and in Hester’s life realize she is not any different than before she sinned. They learned that it is not wise to judge someone before you get to know them. It Proved to people that just because you sin does not mean you are not a righteous person.
Hester Prynne was put on trial for adultery. She should of been hung, but seeing as she was very beautiful they could not blame her as much for what she did “Now, good Sir, our Massachusetts magistracy...(Hawthorne,66). Hester had to stand on the scaffold for 3 hours as her punishment and where the letter “A”for the rest of her life. From that day people shunned Hester, they would not even stand near her in the market. The people only saw Hester as a sinner and nothing else they could not look past the sin and forgive her and realize she made a mistake.
After the public punishment or Humiliation if you are Hester, she began to live in a small cottage with her daughter, Pearl, whom she had from committing adultery.…

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