Don 't Call Us Out Of Name : The Untold Lives Of Women Essay

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In the book, Don’t Call Us Out of Name: The Untold Lives of Women and Girls in Poor America, author Lisa Dodson writes about the challenges and experiences women endure while living under the federal poverty line. The title of the book itself, represents the women, and their fight to overcome the stigma that comes from receiving welfare, participating in work programs, or from early motherhood. As Dodson (1998) mentions, that each story told by a woman demonstrates their personal trauma or their fierce individuality, and their overall ways of adjusting to the policies and economy in order to survive and raise families (p. x). Furthermore, Dodson (1998) states, that “over a period of changing economic conditions, welfare mothers were increasingly labeled as ‘dysfunctional’ precisely because they were transformed into nonworkers” (p. 182). The stigma created is rooted in the neoconservative ideas, which main concepts state that the state’s primary role is to protect the free market and free trade, promote individualism, and reduce the funding of social services. The women Dodson writes about, tell a different version of life in poor America, one that looks beyond the stigma of being labeled as a “dysfunctional” welfare dependent individual. The U.S. uses absolute measure to determine the true basic needs of the people, and it is derived from the lowest cost food plans available. Furthermore, creates a standard of needs that are set to remain constant over time, without…

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