Domestic Violence And The Texas Department Of Child Protective Services

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The article reviewed was about a study that reviewed 13 women that were either convicted or charged with domestic violence or were referred to by the Texas Department of Child Protective Services. The researchers hoped to gain a perspective of why this violence took place and if the treatment programs that are used for men would be effective for women. Answers to questions like, were the women striking out in anticipation of male violence and do women batterers have the same characteristic of men batterers were sought.
Data used for the study was collected through a structured interview where open ended questions were asked until saturation. The interviews were taped for data extraction and further analysis at a later time. The researchers found information far beyond the original scope of the study. Majority of the women in this study had a lifetime of domestic violence in their lives it just did not happen this one time.
The researchers identified nine major themes of why this violence took place. The first theme was a history of abuse while they were children. This abuse consisted of physical, mental, or a combination of both. The second theme was prior violence with a partner. Majority of the women reported violence by a previous partner. The third theme was violence with the current partner. This violence consisted of self-defense or retaliation.
Retaliation for emotional abuse was the fourth theme found in the data. Over 60% were just tired of being treated…

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