Does Social Class Have Any Correlation With Education? Essay

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Does social class have any correlation with education? How do these authors define class? Do these authors fail to fully understand completely what the most essential element of education is? These authors determine that the different classes affect students learning capacity. Those of lower and middle class could and should be receiving a higher quality of education.
Knoblauch looks at class as though it is dependent upon literacy; believing that, to some extent, the rich are some of the most literate people. “It’s appealing pragmatic emphasis on readying people for necessities of daily life—writing check, reading a set of instructions—as well as for the professional tasks of a complex technological society. Language abilities in this view are often represented by the metaphors of information theory: language is a code that enables the sending of a message and the processing of information.” He also believes that literacy separates us from being barbaric in ways. “Its agenda is to identify reading and writing abilities with a critical consciousness of the social conditions in which people find themselves, recognizing the extent to which people with authority to name the world dominant others whose voices they have been able to suppress. Literacy, therefore constitutes a means to power, a way to seek political enfranchisement—not to speak alone …with the belief that the ability allows entrance to the arena in which power is contested.” The higher people are…

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