Doctor Faustus : Power And Knowledge Essay

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Doctor Faustus: Power and Knowledge Are Not Rewarding

Throughout Christopher Marlowe’s play, The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, Doctor Faustus struggled with the having knowledge of what was right while he continued to do what he wanted to do, which was wrong. He was self-seeking and wanted the instant gratification of limitless knowledge and power. His selfish urge to gain eternal knowledge along with the contract with Lucifer overpowered his understanding of what is true and good, and what is deceiving and evil; and this selfishness was paid by the eternal damnation of his soul. The power and knowledge gained unnaturally left Doctor Faustus unsatisfied and damned.
Doctor Faustus attended Wittenberg, a prestige school, and there he studied theology (Marlowe 1128). He gained knowledge not only of theology, but also of the law, of physics, and of philosophy (Marlowe 1132). Faustus had learned much in his lifetime. This alone proved that he had power and motivation within himself to learn great things. However Faustus got bored with these studies. He knew others were taught what he had learned. He wanted to know more than anyone else in the world. While greed took over, he toyed with black magic and signed a contract with his own blood to give his soul to Lucifer (Marlowe 1140) in order to learn new things and possess a certain level of power. Faustus could not have enjoyed the new information he gained. He had no one to discuss and argue it with. There was…

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