Do The Right Thing By Spike Lee Essay

1012 Words Nov 5th, 2015 null Page
Have you ever experienced a day so hot, that everything you do causes you to become agitated? Well, this is the opening premise behind Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee. This movie, set in New York on one of the record breaking hottest days in the city, shows the lives of everyone within an African American neighborhood. I personally thought that the plot was drawn out, but the details were great, and the pacing allowed for the ending to be so much more impactful. Due to its character development, portray of racial tensions, and choice in music, Do the Right Thing is one of my favorite films from the ‘80s.
The movie uses varied character development and it allows for the movie to seem more realistic to the viewers. More often than not, directors force their characters into archetypes, but Do the Right Thing strays away from this. At the beginning of the movie, Da Mayor seems to be a pathetic drunk, as shown when Mother Sister says, “Hey you old drunk, what did I tell you about drinking in front of my stoop? Move on; you’re blocking my view.” Near the end of the movie, Da Mayor becomes one of the most righteous people within the movie. Furthermore, Sal’s sons show two polarizing sides with the youngest favoring respect towards African Americans, whereas the older brother is extremely racist. These polarizing opposites serve to show the varied stance between whites within America at the time. A final instance of great character development comes from one of the main instigators…

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