Essay on Do Smartphones Increase or Decrease Social Interaction?

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Do smartphones increase or decrease social interaction?

Samuel Walendowsky

English Composition I

Mrs. Meinhardt

November 25, 2012


Everyday more smartphones are sold around the world, nowadays there are about 1 billion smartphones being used in the entire world. Now it is much easier and faster to share information, experiences, pictures and ideas to everyone. We are getting so used to all of these technologies that soon we will not be able to live without them anymore. But sometimes people overuse their devices and this can be very dangerous once you may lose all of your human interaction skills.
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Based on my own observations I can say that I frequently see people being completely focused on their smartphones which means that they simply ignore everyone and everything around. Imagine a world in which you don’t need to leave your room anymore because you could do whatever you need just by using your smartphone. Consequently, we would completely stop social interaction. Of course this is an extreme scenario, but we are getting closer to this every single day. I fear the day when technology overlaps our humanity. It will be then that the world will have permanent ensuing generations of idiots (Einstein). In this quote Einstein actually talks about the atomic bomb but we can still use it to analyze the overuse of smartphones. The more time smartphone users spend on using their devices, the more they become dependent on them. I have to join in the voice of critics who yearn for a simpler, less technical life. However, I do not wish to return to the pre-computer life of paper and pencil. Instead, I am worried that we risk having our brains become vestigial organs (Whitbourne, 2011). This sentence explains our current situation, as we use our phones all the time even to do simple things like communicating only by texting. As a consequence, we kind of lose our speaking abilities. Another example is the overuse of GPS, a very useful tool when you see a new city for the first

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