Essay on Dna Testing And Its Impact On Society

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DNA testing recently have allowed people to discover knowledge that they have been searching for it for years. People have a strong desire to learn about their past heritage and ancestry so that they can have a clearer identity. Also, they can establish a sense of belonging if they know where they their roots are and they want to learn more about who they are. People are curious what geographical location they have connection through their ancestors. The genetic tests are carried out through extracting one’s DNA from the cheek and the DNA is analyzed and compared with the existing DNA samples in the databases of haplotypes. Haplotypes is a collection of genes in an organism which is passed from single parent to the children. One reason that DNA testing attracted people’s attention is it is ability to uncover that ancestry information that individuals who have been disconnected from their ancestor’s homeland. For instance, during the period of slavery, European brought a large of number of slaves from various parts of Africa to the New World and those slaves have been residing in America for generations. DNA examination brings hope for these African Americans because it can trace back their ancestry which helps African Americans to learn about their past and they are curious to know about their ancestor’s lifestyle and traditions. DNA testing can establish social relationship between people from different parts of the globe. For instance, Paul Brodwin writes, “geneticists in…

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