Diving Into The Wreck By Adrienne Rich Essay

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Adrienne Rich once said, “The sleepwalkers are coming awake, and for the first time this awakening has a collective reality; it is no longer such a lonely thing to open one’s eyes.” This quote holds true for her poem “Diving into the Wreck”, which at a first glance seems to be talking about a scuba diving journey. These three stanzas are isolated in terms of the language they use and how they are structured in relation to the rest of the poem, from the changing subjectivity, to the enjambment used between the third to last and the second to last stanza, which is the only place that this happens throughout the whole poem, and the broken grammar rules. As opposed to a more intellectually based perception of the wreck, the wreck suggests content emotions that can be fluid and expand without bound. In these concluding stanzas, one can see how the poem, through the language regarding the complication of the subjectivity of speaker, through the deviation from the norms set earlier in the poem regarding structure, and through the breaking of basic grammar rules, accomplish a possible sense of resolution in the underwater world as opposed to being above water, in, as Rich seems to suggest through her language, a male dominated world. There exists an awkward singularity in the beginning of the poem when the speaker describes preparing for the scuba dive by “having read the book of myths…loaded the camera…checked the edge of the knife-blade” (1-3)…

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