Diversity Itself Isn 't Enough Essay

705 Words Sep 30th, 2016 3 Pages
“Diversity itself isn’t enough.” What does this mean? What needs to change? Jim Wallis, a progressive evangelical theologian, sheds some light on the racial injustice in our country by answering these very questions. Through Wallis’ convocation, The Bridge To A New America, he expresses how America’s issue with race is correlated with Christians’ obligation to acknowledge it and take action.
In his speech, Jim Wallis first conveys the inequitable truth of discrimination between African Americans and Whites. Thus illustrating the different reactions of people towards the same physic on two differently colored teenage boys. He tackles different topics such as: “racial geography”, the need for Christians to be “more Christian”, shootings, immigration, and the mass voter disenfranchise. Statistics were also given to support and validate his argument. Essentially, Wallis charges the audience, if considered Christians, to repent and consider what/whom they represent.
As I absorbed everything Wallis revealed, many things assimilated within me. Wallis gave an example of when a White teenager is big and strong, he is considered “impressive”, while the same physique on an African American teenager would have him labeled “scary”. It can be employed that what society is truly considering “impressive” is the young man’s white skin; and what they find “scary” is the pigment of the other young man that makes him different from the onlooker. Yet, living in a world that thrives off of the…

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