Dissociative Identity Disorder Of The Movie ' Fight Club ' Essay

1850 Words Mar 31st, 2016 8 Pages
Dissociative Identity Disorder in Fight Club Fight Club, a movie directed by David Fincher, sheds light on the characteristic traits and symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder through the character portrayed by Edward Norton. Edward Norton, the protagonist of the story is seen throughout the film talking to a friend and engaging in chaotic and risky behavior which were influenced by his friend. This is seen throughout the movie where they made a Fight Club and started embarking on projects that caused destruction. It was later evident during the climax of the movie that the protagonist’s friend was just his split personality and was never a real person. Looking at the symptoms, the characterization, and the climax of the movie; it is evident that throughout the movie Dissociative Identity Disorder was indeed based on a more fictional representation and fictional development than a factual one. The use of Dissociative Identity Disorder was crucial in the plot of the movie. The movie uses the alternate personality of Edward Norton to show how it was a persona that embodied going against the norm and breaking the system. It was a persona that did what most people are urged to do deep within. In the movie such a personality was shown to conflict with the idea of consumerism. The character portrayed by Edward Norton, the unnamed narrator and the protagonist of the story is seen to have early symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder. It was evident that the narrator…

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