Disadvantages Of Survey Research

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Register to read the introduction… An advantage of survey research is that a) it is less subject to volunteer bias. b) it allows you to get in-depth information. c) it allows you to have a large sample size. d) it allows you to work in a lab.

ANS: c DIFF: 2 PG: 1-28 TYPE: C OB: 6

121. A disadvantage of survey research is __________. For example, people tend to overrate behaviors like church attendance and proper hygiene. a) inaccurate self-report c) that people are too honest b) too much detail d) too few survey companies

ANS: a DIFF: 2 PG: 1-28 TYPE: R OB: 6

W 122. In __________, researchers study behavior where it actually happens, or "in the field." a) experiments c) naturalistic observations b) correlational research d) case studies

ANS: c DIFF: 1 PG: 1-28 TYPE: R OB: 6

123. Jane Goodall studied chimpanzees by means of the __________ method. a) case study c) survey b) naturalistic observation d) experimental

ANS: b DIFF: 1 PG: 1-28 TYPE: A OB:
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The purpose of an __________ is to review research studies and help researchers consider the areas of potential harm in their proposed studies. a) ethics review committee c) global communications b) grant-writing techniques d) electronic methods

ANS: a DIFF: 2 PG: 1-33 TYPE: R OB: 7

167. __________ procedures allow participants to review the demands of a research project before they participate and give them an opportunity to choose not to participate. a) Ethical review c) Informed consent b) Debriefing d) Confidentiality

ANS: c DIFF: 2 PG: 1-33 TYPE: R OB: 7

168. Psychologists and other researchers must protect and respect the privacy of research participants. This concern recognizes the requirement for a) informed consent. c) confidentiality. b) ethics. d) scientific progress at all costs.

ANS: c DIFF: 2 PG: 1-33 TYPE: R OB: 7

169. When research cannot be carried out with human subjects, researchers a) must abandon those issues. c) rely on theoretical models. b) often rely on volunteers. d) often use animals.

ANS: d DIFF: 2 PG: 1-34 TYPE: R OB:

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