Disability Rights And Culture : An Overview Essay

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Disability Rights and Culture: An Overview
Throughout the semester, we learned that Disability Rights refers to the equal rights and opportunities granted for people with disability. Public facilities should be granted to everybody within the society. It is essential to include and consider everyone in the society no matter what race, sex, gender, social class, disability, sexuality, educational attainment, age, and religion they are. It is not fair that people with disability are left out or forgotten because of their physical or mental conditions. As for the disability culture, we’ve seen cases that disabled people can be talented and become artists, writers. Disability culture help reframe people’s impression about disabled people. I want to provide this resource guide to the student group because I want to use this guide to raise more awareness about the disability rights and culture. I think it is important to let more students understand the things that disabled people went through and educate them. It is because they can apply their knowledge to real life situation in the future and help contribute to the disabled community. Thus, it is essential to teach students not to ignore the disabled experience.
Highlighting the Issues
[Issue one] Limits of rights
Rights are definitely one of the most important elements to all individuals because equality should be grated to everyone, and disabled people should not be discriminated. For example, disabled people should be…

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