Differential Association Theory And High School Essay

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Differential Association Theory and High School
Differential association theory in a high school setting can help determine if and when a person may commit a crime or what type of crime they may commit. This theory is about crime being learned and as teenagers they are influenced in what other peers are doing which can lead to someone doing something they may not normally do. High school can be a very hard time for a teenager as there are many different things that can occur during those high school years. This paper will talk about groups, behaviors, and the differential association theory while in high school.
There are several groups while a person is in high school and each group has their own way of thinking and doing things. There is the popular group that only hangs out with each other and looks down on teenagers that are different than them. The popular group usually comes from wealthy families and wear the best name brand clothing. They make fun and ridicule anyone that is not in their group and they won’t let outsiders in. These are the kids that always obey the law though because of their status with their parents. Another group is the normal teenagers that do what they can to stay in school and get great grades so that they can make a better life for themselves. This group does not have money or wear fancy clothes and they are the ones that are nice to everyone. This group also respects everyone and may occasionally get into trouble with the law for minor things.…

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