Different Pieces Of Writing, By Malcolm X And ' Learning On Read And Write By Frederick Douglass

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When comparing two different pieces of writing, it is important to assess the differences between the pieces’ tones and purposes. Essays that have similar themes can be misinterpreted as similar even though the purpose and tone of the two papers are quite different. The essays “Learning to Read” by Malcolm X and “Learning to Read and Write” by Frederick Douglass appear to be very similar. However, the two pieces have very distinct tones that are generated by each author’s purpose. The tone of Malcolm X’s piece is very serious and stern due to the fact that his purpose is to inform and persuade his audience to act for their civil rights. Frederick Douglass, however, has a more reflective and friendly tone since the purpose of his piece is to inform the audience of his experience of learning to read and write. Both author 's different purposes for writing causes their tones to deviate, which results in their pieces being different. Ultimately, the two pieces are different in their tone and purpose because Malcolm X’s purpose to inform and persuade causes his essay’s tone to be more stern and commanding, while Frederick Douglass’s purpose to solely inform readers results in his tone being much more reflective and mellow in comparison. The purpose of Malcolm X’s piece is to inform readers of how he taught himself to read and to persuade his audience, African Americans, to self educate themselves so they can fight for their civil rights. While explaining how the white population…

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