Summary: A Raisin In The Sun

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Myles Gregor
Ms. Cochran
Magnet Civil/Cultures English I Honors
28 October 2016
“A Raisin in the Sun”
“A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry is a play and a movie that reveals the struggles of a dejected family that is in America for their fifth generation in their hometown of Southside, Chicago. Hansberry has brilliantly written this Golden Globe nominated play about the Younger family and how they are barely surviving in their cramped apartment. The play and the movie both represent discrimination in America, “the country of liberty.” In the play and the movie, prejudice against the Younger family reveals that the surrounding community neglects the basic human liberties of those they find unsuitable.
There are many similarities and differences
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This hole can either be filled with positive or negative values or goals. In Walter’s case, he wants to be able to provide for his family. Currently, even though he is working full time as chauffeur, he can not provide for his family and make their dreams come true. In the beginning of the movie, Walter states that he regrets not going into the dry cleaning business with his friend because now his friend is able to provide his family with everything that they need. This is a very important moment in the movie as this scene foreshadows Walter wanting to get into the liquor business. Since the Civil Rights Movement was picking up traction at the time that the movie was written, this section may have been added to encourage African-American equality and assimilation into society. This was the time of the Freedom Riders and this scene may have been a message to never give up. Additionally, since Walter passed up the oppurtunity long ago to go into business, he is very anxious to find a new job and provide for his family. Since this is the case it foreshadows Walter not completely thinking out a plan before he puts money in it. This kind of prejudice, job restriction, is so extreme that a man cannot even provide his family’s necessities without taking unnecessary …show more content…
Since their ancestors were slaves and sharecroppers they have been the rats of society. The play and the movie of “A Raisin in the Sun” shows the Civil Rights Movement unfold. The movie was made in order to share with everyone that racial prejudice was important and could not be ignored. If the play had only been made into a movie, much less people would have seen the Younger’s hardship. The difference between the two works is the fact that even more racial prejudice was introduced to have a much stronger impact in society. While in the book, on a surface level, when Travis and his friends were playing with the rat it was nauseating. On a connotative level, however, it showed how the African-American community felt and was being treated in Southside, Chicago and all over America. This scene should have been included in the movie as it shows much more than a kid playing with a rat. It shows how big of an issue America’s racial prejudicial problem is. All in all, the Younger family faced prejudice left and right but still made it through and came out

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