Differences Between The Republic, The Rule Of St. Benedict, And The Handbook For William

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Since the creation of the first culture, there has been a mutually agreed upon set of expectations for the people in that culture to abide by. Consequently, if a person did not abide by these standards, then they would have not been welcome to participate within that society. Throughout time, there have been several different cultures that have similarities and differences, as far as standards of living within the community. By looking at different pieces of literature, written in different time periods and locations, differences and similarities can be drawn from the expectations of cultures for their citizens. To analyze these expectations, The Republic, The Rule of St. Benedict, and The Handbook for William are three different works, written for different purposes, that will serve as good representations of expectations set forth for a specific group of people. It is important to note that all of the authors are imploring their intended audience to adopt a specific code of conduct, to strive towards their model of perfection. These characteristics may not reflect what the people of that time were always implementing, but it gives insight into the characteristics that they do value over others. By looking at these texts, the different expectations can be compared to the ones that people hold today, and it can help a person infer what may not change in our own culture in the future. To completely analyze the differences and similarities the expectations of cultures have…

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