Differences Between The And Pluto And Saturn Essay

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We can look back at the history of the two nation’s disputes. They have had issues based on the sought after territory for centuries, but up to this point, they have not gone to war. In all the years of the border disputes, only three times the two have actually taken military action. In 2007, 2011, and 2014 one of the two have used military force and caused military disputes. All three concluded as stalemate. While Pluto and Saturn both have motives and fit the criteria based on Vasquez’s research, it is unlikely the two go to war. They have had this disagreement for a long time and to this point still are yet to have a war. Throughout the entire disagreement, they have only used military force three times, and like stated above, all three ended as stalemate. Neither side won the dispute. Therefore, the two sides will not go to war based on their ongoing border dispute. Furthermore, since the territory in question is physical and possible to divide, should other issues arise it is possible that the issue could be solved through division of the land border.
Regime type is a very important factor when determining whether or not a pair of dyads will go to war. Dyads that are more autocratic have a much higher probability of going to war than their democratic counterparts. The data on regime type suggests that Saturn and Pluto will not go to war. Pluto has changed their regime type multiple times since the beginning of our data set. From 1995-97, and for the…

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