Differences Between New England And Southern Colonies

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The economy and culture of the English colonies were both shaped by labor as it was a large part of their lives and something that was extremely important to the colonists. Although labor was necessary all throughout the colonies, the type of labor conducted was different depending on the regions. The different regions were the New England and the Southern colonies. Both the New England and Southern colonies relied on growing to survive, but their main exports differed with New England focused more on lumber and fishing while the Southern colonies focused on tobacco, although their main exports differed due to labor the effect of labor on their culture was the same.
In the beginning, even before there were official colonies like Virginia,
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Both the New England and Southern colonies relied on slave labor to keep their economy running after the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution also ushered in a more diversified economy for both regions, but the trades that each region decided to dabble in differed greatly. Even with a more diversified economy their main exports continued to dominate as still in the late 1700s and early 17th century New England, mostly exported cod and mackerel while the South exported crops like tobacco and rice (Schaller et al. Pg. 193-194). A difference that did set apart the New England and Southern economy is how each trade relied on another. In New England a trade, like shipbuilding, needed trades like lumber and vice versa, and while in the South there were trades that relied on each other, most of it was fairly independent as it didn’t matter to a tobacco grower if a rice grower was doing poorly. The economy for both regions continued even as taxes began appearing, but after the American Revolution, both economies suffered even with the ability to continue their usual labor and an increase in legal trade routes (Schaller et al. Pg.243). Slavery was also something prominent in both the economies as both regions looked to cut losses by using slaves for labor. However the economy was not the only thing …show more content…
Labor was a big part of the New England and the Southern economy and shaped what exports they relied on. The Industrial Revolution led the New England economy to diversify as the colonist dabbled in different trades. The Southern economy also became more diverse, but their economy still relied largely on the labor of slaves and indentured servants. The culture of the colonies was influenced as owning slaves was connected to gentility and as a result of the improvements in the economy a consumer culture became prominent. Labor was in part everything in the colonies as it gave them financial security, but the results of that labor was greater than that and also affected the culture of the

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