Differences Between Men And Women Essay

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Are childhood and adolescence the same for fictional boys and girls or do they experience a different set of tensions? Discuss by comparing two texts with female and male protagonists.
Undeniably there are differences between men and women and their journey’s through adolescence. The extent of these differences, but also their similarities, can be seen in the novels My Brilliant Career and Catcher in the Rye. Social and gender factors do not influence Horton as they do Sybylla who must struggle against both to achieve her dreams. Horton however, must deal with the pressures to achieve and to mature, developing a fear of reality and what the future consists for him. A fear both the protagonists share is a fear of intimacy with the opposite sex and the consequences of such relationships hold. In such a confusing reality, siblings play the part of confidants for both protagonists.
The characters find their journey through adolescence challenged with social factors. However, it is only Sybylla who is limited simply by her gender. At a young age, her behaviour is considered inappropriate for a female but she remains untroubled by the ‘curse of her sex’ as her father protects her from the social factors at a young age. Unfortunately, this puts her at a disadvantage when she enters society when she goes to live with her grandmother. It becomes more evident in a social sense when she is courting and seen standing upon a suitor’s back, that the freedoms Sybylla had been allowed at a…

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