Essay about Differences Between Human Life And Nature

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Understandings of Nature in relation to Political Science
The study of nature has often been used to understand various dimensions of politics, especially the origin and role of law in human life. In most cases, the study of nature roles in understanding politics must consider how human beings interact with their leaders, as well as how laws inform their co-existence and mutual relationships. Both Aquinas and Machiavelli studied human life and came up with observations based on the relationship between humans and nature. Their works narrow down to the same conclusion that humans cannot survive on their own, and need something to control rationality and mutual existence. They both introduce the concept of the law, although in different perspectives, as the element that nature uses to control co-existence of humans. This paper will analyze their arguments on the interaction between human life and nature with an aim of developing an informed argument about the role of nature in understanding various elements of politics such as law. The paper will present arguments from each of the thinkers and then compare their arguments with an aim of coming up with sound conclusions on the same through the help of evidence from the texts. Both Aquinas and Machiavelli argue that human beings are in constant chase for their destiny through rationality and organizing themselves in social groups, which exposes them to political activities.
Arguments by both Machiavelli and Aquinas…

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