Differences Between Hispanic And American Families Essay

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Differences in Gender Socialization Between Hispanic and American Families Gender socialization is learning the social expectations and attitudes associated with the gender of the individual. Gender socialization explains why males and females behave in different ways and why they learn different social roles. The biological sex will determine how the individual will be treated (Raffaelli & Ontai, 2004). Parents engage in differential socialization regarding the expectations on males and females (Raffaelli & Ontai, 2004). However, males and females will take part in certain social roles which are contingent upon the culture they are raised in. Some cultures and backgrounds have a stronger emphasize in gender socialization as compared to others. Studies have shown that Hispanic families have a stronger emphasize in the gender socialization in comparison to American families. Hispanic families are more likely to teach their children more gender specific roles while American families allow their children to participate in more unisex gender roles. The traditional gender behavior for males is to do what males are traditionally meant to do, they are the hunters, fighters of the family. The traditional gender behavior for females is to be the gatherers, they cook, clean and take care emotional. Empirical studies have confirmed that there is a strong emphasis in gender socialization in Hispanic families. Leyendecker and Lamb (1999) showed that the majority of Hispanic…

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