Differences Between Brett And Daisy And The Great Gatsby

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Although appearance may match the charm, no matter how beautiful, smart, friendly, or confident a woman is, looks can only do so much in hiding a rotten heart. Such women are selfish and destructive, manipulate others, and take advantage of every opportunity to further their self-image. The way both Lady Brett Ashley of Ernest Hemingway’s novel The Sun Also Rises and Daisy Buchanan of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby approach love and relationships with the men in their lives enables them to gain full power and control. Brett and Daisy use their seductive techniques to take advantage of the relationships that provide them friendship and support, security and wealth, and love and romance. Among each, Brett and Daisy successfully …show more content…
Each woman’s motive in their friendship is to take advantage and manipulate the man’s blindness to their self-centered character. Brett and Daisy each use their friend to gain confidence in themselves, as well as in their other relationships. Brett shallowly takes advantage of Jake to help her understand her feelings for other men. She knows that Jake will always stand by her and protect her not matter how little emotion she invests in their relationship. Similarly, Daisy sees to Nick for comfort, taking advantage of his inability to refuse her. Both women are incapable of being alone in their own thoughts, as it only serves to remind them of their complicated, meaningless relationships and their selfish, manipulative characters. Each character’s controlling ways compel her to seek out her friend for the answer to her problems. Both women are so used to taking advantage of others and succeeding, that they fear making their own decisions. Guaranteed moral support, comfort, and advice, Brett and Daisy know that they do not have to figure out their difficulties on their own. Although both approach their friendships with different attitudes, both are egotistical and influence their friend’s actions to feel better about themselves. Both Fitzgerald and Hemingway prove that no matter how one may present oneself, one’s inability to possess an honest friendship results from one’s selfish motives and desire for personal

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