The Great Gatsby Mask Analysis

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Concealed Countenances Countless numbers of people put on false fronts to conceal their true identities and to hide what they truly are. Some of these people include the immoral characters from The Great Gatsby. Although they do a better job than most people by pretending to be someone they are not, the audience can still see right through their masks. In deeper meaning, these characters present a disguise to others who are too blind to notice their flaws. Not only do they fool each other, but in the beginning of the novel, they mislead the reader. The ramifications these characters encounter towards the closing are a result of their “macho facades.” They all could have avoided these repercussions by exhibiting their true personalities from the start. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Daisy and Tom Buchanan, along with Mr. Jay Gatsby, deceive each other through their dishonest behaviors and the …show more content…
The reader can easily seek out each character’s imaginary mask by the individual and different actions they implement throughout the story. Daisy has her mask, which revolves around her pretend love and protects people from seeing that she is materialistic. Followed by Tom, who has a guise that guards the affairs he has with women and hides the fact that Gatsby makes him feel inferior. Finally, Gatsby’s clear and noticeable mask shields his true identity and helps him easily lie about who he is. Had these three not put up false pretenses, Tom would not have anything to hold against Gatsby, causing Mr. Buchanan to not feel inferior towards him. Daisy would be with the one who truly adores her; rather than the one who is constantly disloyal to her. And most of all, Gatsby would still be alive. All of the characters’ concealed countenances plus the secrets they withhold contribute to the thrilling novel everyone loves and

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