Macbeth Banquo Compare And Contrast

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Parneet Gill
January 15th, 2018
Contrast between Macbeth and Banquo In William Shakespeare's play, Macbeth, Banquo serves a foil to Macbeth as Banquo's reason contrast with Macbeth's ambition, Macbeth represents darkness due to his evil actions whereas Banquo represents light because of his morality, and also Banquo is loyal whereas Macbeth is disloyal and selfish. The use of contrast is significant because it is an impactful way to focus viewer's attention on the different aspects of Macbeth's character that Shakespeare wants to emphasize. Shakespeare also rigorously explore Macbeth's unlawful rise in authority and his inescapable failure. Macbeth's powerful ambition for control causes him to make evil choices
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Although, Banquo wants power but he denies to commit horrible crime as he says, “A heavy summons lies like lead upon me………restrains in me the cursed thoughts that nature give away to repose”. In this quote, Banquo is unable to control his imagination as he dreams regarding the prophecy. But Banquo’s strength of character and morality stops him to commit such a crime. Unlike Macbeth, Banquo withstands his sleep so that he could stop thinking about this terrible crime. This shows that his inner light helps him to overcome the dark desires of his mind. Again, when Banquo is tempted by the witches’ prophecy he says, “Why on the verities on thee made good……...set me up on hope? But hush no more”. Although, Banquo thinks about the prophecy again but he says that “hush on more”. By this line Banquo means that he will stop himself at all cost because he knows that the result will harm him in the future. Banquo proves that the lust of power and ambition cannot control him and his decisions. As his strength of principles and values will not allow him. The fact that Banquo heard his inner voice guided him to walk on right path which is full of light. Banquo also asks God for forgiveness that shows how shameful he is on him for even having these thoughts in his …show more content…
Banquo values people around him specially the king as he says, “ I lose none in seeking to augment it…..I shall be consell’d”. This quote shows that Banquo will not give up his loyalty for power. Later, when Macbeth murdered Duncan, Banquo had a suspicion that Macbeth might have adapted wrong path in order to be the king but still he remains quiet as he thought Macbeth is a loyal friend so he says that, “ Merciful powers restrain on me the cursed thoughts and give away the repose”. This quote show that Macbeth refuses to commit anything that deprives him from his moral of loyalty. Banquo could have also planned to kill Macbeth so that his son could attain the throne but he didn’t as his principles didn’t allow him. This illustrates that Banquo cannot sacrifice his loyalty for

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