Difference Between Slavery And Servitude

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The debate over slavery and servitude has been compared and contrasted since the evolution of both practices. The overarching debate topic has been whether or not the two participants in this practice were more alike than different or more different than alike. Indentured servants are European immigrants that migrated to America and worked for landowners and were considered property and slaves were for the most part Africans, forcibly taken a property. Although indentured servants and slaves in Colonial America were enduring similar obstacles and subjugation under European control, because of their life-long bondage, sun up to sun down work schedule, lack of litigation restricting the types of discipline imposed, and being stripped of their identity, African slaves were treated more different than alike compared to …show more content…
Indentured servants chose to be servants by signing a contractual agreement making clear their service time would be limited, migrating from Europe in search of success. However, slaves were forcibly taken away from their homeland and subjected to life-long servitude. Essentially, one party choose to participate in servitude, and the other`s position was not given consideration. Indenture was a choice slaves never had access to, in spite of indentured servants search of “freedom from poverty, tyranny of landlords, and desire to do better in America”. Indentured servants kept their identity and slaves were stripped of their names, culture, and customs; they were forcibly extracted from themselves. While the indentured enjoyed safety and protection under the laws governing the New World, it was the complete opposite for African slaves. Thus, indentured servants were treated as half citizens while slaves were not even treated as full

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