Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders Essay

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The Diagnostic process in mental health

In the extract given titled ‘The Introduction of the DSM-5 by the APA’ the opinion is given that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) 5 lacks validity due to it not being based on any objective laboratory measure. The extract also tells of a shift away from the idea that all mental disorders are linked in some way to biological factors – the psychobiological link being the basis to the DSM-5’s most recent definition of mental disorder. The extract also discusses that a diagnostic label is not necessary and that a description of a person’s problems are enough to predict treatment response. In this essay I will be arguing against these views.

An argument is made in the extract that the current science does not fully support a biological connection for all mental disorders. Whilst it may be true that a psychobiological link has not been proven to be true for all cases of mental disorder, it is still a hugely valuable concept that is vital in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. SDK228 is based on the acceptance of the principle that for each event of the conscious mind, there is a corresponding physical event in the brain and that these events are intimately related (The Open University, 2010, p.17). SDK228 discusses many accounts of various people’s mental disorders. Mark’s account tells of his dementia and how it has caused physical damage to his brain which has resulted in the mental inability…

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