Diagnosis And Staging Of Cancer Essay

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Approach to the Care of Cancer Throughout this paper, this writer will explain the diagnosis and staging of cancer. Cancer is the general name given to a group of related diseases which can occur in any part of the body. Cancer is when the body’s cells start dividing without stopping and spread to the tissues of the body. The National Cancer Institute (NCI), 2015 states that there is over 100 types of cancer. Cancer affects the person, family, and healthcare providers. Complications of the disease and treatments will be discussed and how the cancer affects the person. The writer will look at the ways to decrease the psychological and physical effects of the disease and treatments. Nurses play a role in providing psychological care and decreasing the physiological effects, therefore helping the patient to cope and be as comfortable as possible with the optimal outcome.
Cancer Diagnosis and Staging Initially a routine screening or symptoms may bring a patient to their physician for healthcare. Further diagnosis is done with a history and physical which includes any family history of cancer and examination of lumps. The physician will usually order lab tests, imaging exams, or possibly a biopsy to make the diagnosis. Cancer is diagnosed when the cells or tissues are examined under a microscope, which can also rule out cancer and a benign diagnosis is made. The diagnosis is necessary for the best treatment options for the patient. Staging is used to decipher the…

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