Devry Sbe 420 All Week Quizes-Latest 2015 Winter Essay examples

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Devry SBE 420 All Week Quizes-Latest 2015 Winter
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Question quizzes 2

(TCO 5) To ensure that a building will accommodate expansion plans, a new business should always build a new facility. plan space requirements for one to two years into the future and update the plans every six months. buy or lease facilities that had the same type of business in them previously. build, buy, or lease facilities that are 50—100% too big for their current operations.
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None of the above

Question 6. Question :
(TCO 1) Money-driven and wild risk takers are both common characteristics of entrepreneurs. common misconceptions of entrepreneurs. entrepreneur's techniques to success.
None of the above

Question 7. Question :
(TCO 3) The second essential purpose for creating a business plan is to attract lenders and investors. to file with the SEC before making a public stock offering. to attract potential managers and employees to run the new venture. to guide the operation of the company by charting its future course and devising a strategy for following it.

Question 8. Question :
(TCO 5) Manufacturing layout decisions take into consideration customer buying behavior, the types of product sold, and the physical dimensions of the building. the status of the building; built, bought, or leased and the type of product sold. the product, the process, the facility, and key economic considerations. the employees, the customer, and the mechanical process used to produce the product.

Question 9. Question :
(TCO 3) How is the strategic planning process for small companies different from that for large companies? The planning horizon should cover at least five years into the future.
The process should be informal and not overly structured – "a shirtsleeve approach."
It should be conducted by top management and provided to lower management.
The process

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