Deviant Behavior In Sociology

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Have you ever seen something or someone and immediately had thoughts running through your mind? If you have and been beside another person who have see the same thing, you guys most likely would have different thoughts. This is a part of sociology. Sociology is the scientific study of human society and social interactions. Sociology has everything to do with this joke. Me studying this joke and looking at it from a sociologist point of view makes me a sociologist. My joke contains a penguin who is dressed differently than the other penguins. We are going to call that penguin Mr. Plaid since he is going to be the main character. Mr. Plaid in the joke says, “I just got damn well fed up with being formal all the time.” Like everything on Earth, …show more content…
What is deviant behavior you may ask? Deviant behavior is based on culture which makes up the moral code. The moral code is a symbolic system that tell you what is “good” or “bad”, or “right” and “wrong”. Deviant behavior is the behavior that does not really fit into that category. It is not necessarily good or bad to be different. It also is not necessarily right or wrong, it is just different. For example, it is the middle of the summer and you are at a beach. You are getting your tan on, then all of a sudden, you spot a guy in a snow suit. Now you are probably thinking, okay what is up with that guy? Congratulations, you have spotted a deviant behavior. A deviant behavior is the behavior that makes you raise an eyebrow. In my joke, Mr. Plaid has caused another penguin to wonder why he is dressed that particular way. As you can see, the other penguins all look the same, which is their norm. Another deviant behavior would be, where on earth did the penguin get his clothes from? Or better yet, why does he have clothes on at …show more content…
Let us take a look at the normal life of penguins. Based on Pinguins Info, I have learned that penguins all have a role. When a male and female mates and the female lays an egg, she then transfers the egg to the male until it hatches. It is now the male’s responsibility to protect that egg with his life. While the male is taking care of his responsibilities, the woman’s role is to hunt for food for him and the new born. Based on the United States culture, we would say that is a culture shock because normally the male hunts while the female usually nurtures. Now, back to the joke. Mr. Plaid could have been unhappy with life repeating in the same pattern. Maybe he did not want to find a mate, or maybe he did not want to be responsible for anyone else other than himself. There could be millions of reason why he was “damn fed

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