Development Of Churches Throughout Rome Essay

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development of churches throughout Rome as well as the Holy Land (St. Helen). St. Helena gave orders to the Emperor Constantine to build a church in Jerusalem in honor of the Resurrection of Christ. She also discovered the True Cross on which Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem. Due to her extensive service to the church and her efforts in discovering the True Cross, St. Helena is known as the “Equal of the Apostles.” During the Reform Movement women took advantage of the new ideas that were spreading during the time and gained access to education, which resulted in more involvement within the church. Education was necessary tool for girls to gain knowledge as future mothers. During the 1550’s and onward, women could be seen holding prayer meetings as well and preaching and christening children. However, in the 1560’s, women were no longer able to participate in church activities. Among the synods, decisions were made to forbid women from reading the Bible and meddling with prayers and Christian practices. When choosing positions of authority, men were primarily preferred within the Protestant churches. As Luther suggested, women are to bear children and are created to serve men. The rejection of celibacy during the Protestant Reformation shifted the focus on the centrality of the family and the responsibilities of both men and women. It asserted the idea that their role and value lay in the domestic sphere (Scull Lecture). They were in essence, created as equals with men,…

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