Desmond Tutu : A Freedom Fighter With A Big Goal At The End Of The Apartheid Era

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Desmond Tutu was a freedom fighter with a big goal at the end of the apartheid era; to reconcile the country through the influence of Ubuntu. This topic was selected because today black South Africans are still facing the horrors of apartheid, despite its ending in the 1990s. Desmond Tutu is a freedom fighter who still living, he has recently worked to bring equality to South Africa. Tutu 's efforts to reconcile the country are relevant today, since he uncovered the truth behind the injustice that black South Africans were subjected to. As a result, South Africans are attempting to heal from their past in the hopes that the various ethnicities can work together to secure a better future. Desmond Tutu has a sense of integrity that led Nelson Mandela to appoint him the position of chairperson of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in 1995. In his position, Tutu heard both testimonies from victims of political violence and applications for amnesty, together these accounts unveiled the country’s dark past. As a result of the new knowledge, Tutu hoped that South Africans of all racial groups would be able to move forward and work together to achieve freedom. Desmond Tutu preached the importance of forgiveness; he granted amnesty and encouraging blacks to forgive their white suppressors. This concept was controversial because many blacks were still traumatized by the violence, and felt it was too soon to forgive. Regardless, Archbishop Desmond Tutu believed that the…

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