Designing A Website For An Interview Essay

819 Words Dec 17th, 2016 4 Pages
Project 5 was a unique project compared to the others we completed in this class. It required us to create a website. On this website was to be a how to page, this page what supposed to show the audience how to do something. More specifically it had to show the audience how to do something that we learned about in class. We were told to pick a topic we thought we learned and improved on in class. Ultimately, this lead me to choose the topic of conducting interviews. I felt this was the topic I improved most on in the class and also found it extremely interesting. The following paragraphs will talk about the process I went through when creating the website. Throughout the creation of this website, I kept two acronyms in mind, SWAP and RAIDS. We’ve used these two terms throughout the course and that includes this project. First let’s start with the S in SWAP. The subject of this project was how to do an interview. I talked about how to prepare for an interview. Along with different types of interviews, like email or face to face interviews. The overall subject was how to give an interview. The writer of this project is myself. This project required us to write about how to do something we learned in the class. But this wasn’t to be written on paper. This project was to be on a website that we created. This was something I had little problems with because I actually created my own website that exist to this day. I was able to get my message across without having any issues…

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