Designer Photography For The West Chester, Pa Provides You With Quality Event And Corporate Photography

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Description 1: Lauren Schwarz Photography in West Chester, PA provides you with quality event and corporate photography.

Description 2: Lauren Schwarz Photography specializes in professional photography for events in West Chester, PA.

Description 3: Lauren Schwarz Photography offers reliable photography for clients in the West Chester, PA area.


Meta Description: Call Lauren Schwarz Photography for a fantastic, professional wedding photographer.

At Lauren Schwarz Photography in West Chester, PA, I provide you with professional photography for a wide variety of subjects including people and events. When I photograph a wedding, I think of my own, not because of the glitz and glamour of the beautiful dress and exciting reception, but because of the bride and groom facing each other and reciting their vows. I cleary remember how I had to take a deep breath before I walked down the aisle and the anticipation I felt for love.

I remember when I truly looked at him the man I was marrying that day. The adage is “When you know, you know” and after my wedding experience, I believe that is true. I knew it was true the moment he asked me to marry him, but it was not until I was standing at the altar looking into his eyes, that I felt it was true. It was the surest I have ever been about anything and I will never forget the moment. My passion for love and photography allows me to capture this same kind of moment for many local clients.

My photography prices are…

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