Descriptive Essay : ' Shit '

1536 Words Jul 10th, 2015 7 Pages
"Shit. Can 't believe I did that in a skirt." she laughed, pushing herself up with her right arm. A throbbing pain shot through her left arm, starting near her shoulder, she must have disconnected it. The wind picked up, tossing her wavy dirty blond hair in her face. She pushed her hair back then realizing that she had a gun in her hand. She tucked it in the back of her gray office skirt that was now torn in many different places and covered with splotches of blood, same with her blazer. She looked around her, she was in a dark alleyway covered in graffiti with dead bodies surrounding her, had she killed them? She counted twelve then she heard a weak cough behind her. She spun around pulling her gun out from her skirt and looked at a broad man kneeling on the ground covered in blood with scratches and what looked like a bullet wound in his shoulder, it was hard to tell since his hand was covering it.

"Clai-" He began to cough, and ended up coughing up blood. I must have recognized him, I ran over to him crying.

I knelt down by him "It 's gonna be okay. I promise" She smiled but the tears wouldn 't stop. She didn 't even believe in her own words by the looks of him. She grunted "Crap" and looked back down at her left shoulder, she wouldn 't be able to help him until she did something about it. She shoved a part of the shirt from underneath her blazer into her mouth and tried to push her shoulder back into place. Her tears were now felt hot and she pushed again, and again…

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