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I sat across from a greasy skinned, nearly toothless man. He grinned at me, causing his mischievous, dirty gray eyes to crinkle around the corners. I returned the stare with almost black eyes full of bitter hatred. I hated everyone, everyone except my beautiful Catherine, and sometimes I had to stop myself from hating her. My only drive was revenge; my body was always stiff, my head always pounding. I brushed sticky crumbs off the sticky table. “Shut The Box.” I said in a low, rough voice. I was an excellent gambler. With almost three years of experience I could manipulate and turn the tables on my brain dead opponents with ease. I had a fair bit of money from playing dirty men in this dirty warehouse, but I kept it hidden. Less prying hands to grab at me on the streets if they believed me to be poor. Shut The Box was an old sailors’ game and a specialty of mine. The lid on the old wooden box was painted crimson on the sides and splintered at the hinges from being slammed so many times with some amount of force. I never lost this game and was quite bored with it, but more money brought me closer to my revenge. The game went by much too fast. Within half an hour I was stuffing 126.80 more pounds into the pocket of my jacket and walking away from a gawking man. “Brain dead.” I mumbled, opening the door to a gust of humid air and the sounds of a big city.
Walking the streets of London has taught me a good bit on manners. My vocabulary has been enriched, my education improved…

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