Descriptive Essay - An Unfamiliar Diagnosis

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An Unfamiliar Diagnosis
Tears streamed from the patient 's cheek and he begged the doctor, he said “Let me go back to my country, let me help my town!”
The doctor assured the man that he was in his native country, and that he surely was in his home town.
He said “Why John, you’ve lived in ol’ Washington, Valcry your whole life.”
John glared at the doctor and while wiping the tears away from his glazed eyes shouted, “Why you! You take me away from my home town and they tell me you know how to help me and fix me. There ain’t nothing wrong with me, I just need to go back home!”
The doctor stared at the man intently as he layed on the chaise lounge, marking every movement and flinch he made. The doctor wondered as to what type of psychological state could explain the man’s confusion. Why the man felt lost? Why the man wanted the go home when he was in his home town?
Archibald Johanson was born in 1860, and grew up in the small town of Washington, Valcry. The population of the town was circa three thousand and everybody was familiar with everybody. The postman’s sister happened to be the secretary at the post office, and her cousin knew the mayor, and everything to that effect. If you were born in Washington, you knew everybody in Washington. Archibald, or “Archie” for short, was a product of the town schoolteacher Daniel Johansson and mother Mary Johansson.
Being a product of a schoolteacher, Archie was always up on his studies. He could tell you how to multiply in the…

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