Essay about Descartes 's Theory Of Philosophy

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“I think therefore I am”, was said by one of the most important philosophers from the Enlightenment period. This philosopher goes by the name of René Descartes. He used the deductive method to arrive to ‘truths’, which eliminated nonsense errors. However, it began when he questioned intellectual certainty. Descartes found the need to restore philosophy and the way that one should acquire knowledge. Thus, he sets himself to find a system, a method, that challenges skepticism. His famous work, entitled the Discourse on Method, originally written in French, explains the advantages of his method that should lead to unquestionable knowledge and scientific discoveries.

In part two of his discourse, Descartes presents his method and its rules. His method is based off of the deductive method, which he highly encouraged and it was very much so imposed by Sir Karl Popper. Descartes emphasized that philosophy should be constructed like math and science in order to avoid any mistakes, as they held a firm foundation. Therefore, his goal with this method was to eliminate doubt from knowledge. His methodic doubts was inherited from the arguments that he had made. He argues about one’s senses and dreams. He claimed that senses are deceptive and that there are not true axions. Henceforth, he attacked the belief that our senses provide inaccurate information. There is no certainty of what is reality. For example, dreams. Dreams can make one doubt whether what they are dreaming is true or…

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