Depression : A Cognitive Behavioral Perspective Essay

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Depression: A Cognitive-Behavioral Perspective Aetiology of depression is multifactorial, with risk factors including low levels of parental warmth, high levels of family hostility, abuse and poverty (Gledhill & Hodes, 2010). Environment, cognitive and behavior are significant factors that cause the onset and duration of depression (Carvalho, Trent, & Hopko, 2011). Depression can affect all aspects of life, and may even lead to more serious problems including suicide. Although there is still a lot to learn about depression, researchers have conducted hours of research to provide evidence to support the relationship between stressful life events, traumatic life experiences, childhood maltreatment, cognitive vulnerability and depression (Carvalho, Trent, & Hopko, 2011). The cognitive-behavioral therapy is based on behavior, thinking, and emotions (McLeod, 2008). The thought is to change the negative behaviors, thoughts and feelings; these things, if not changed, can cause distress and problems will result (McLeod, 2008). There are situations where the cognitive behavioral perspective can explain the causes for depression.
The effects of the environment can cause changes in behavior, feelings and thinking. There are three environmental factors that play a significant role in the onset of depression. First, the societal environment affects individuals by their exposure to society through their social gatherings or others they come in contact with in public places.…

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