Depiction Of Beauty Has On Young Girl 's Individual Self Esteem Levels

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Current Study The purpose of this study is to investigate the depiction of beauty in animated Disney princess films and measure the consequences that the portrayal of beauty has on young girl’s individual self-esteem levels. The hypothesis of this study, states that young girls who idolize the beauty standards of Disney princesses will have lower self-esteem levels than young girls who do not idolize Disney princesses standard of beauty. I expected that young girls who have the desire to mimic Disney princesses would have lower self-esteem levels because the beauty standards of Disney princess are impossible to obtain; therefore, their perception of beauty will become extremely faltered, which will lead to a decrease in their self-esteem levels. In addition, the young girls in this marginalized group will have a negative perception of their body image compared to Disney princesses. Additionally, young girls with higher expectations regarding beauty standards, their self-esteems will be negatively impacted by the “beauty is good” stereotype presented in animated Disney films, for Disney films portray beauty over all human attributes, which skews young girl’s perception of beauty and their overall self-image. This study is similar to the study conducted by Bazzini et. al.
In Bazzini et. al study (2010), the researchers assessed whether children a single exposure to animated Disney films stereotypical portrayals of characters or non-stereotypical portrayals…

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