Denial Of Service Case Study

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Recently, there have been security breaches in the form of Denial of Service (DoS) attacks on industries that prevented their customers the ability to access accounts and information on the organization’s websites via the Internet. Denial of Service occurs when cyber criminals create the inability to access either temporarily or indefinitely an organization’s Internet access. The attack includes taking down or offline the organization’s domain name which is hosted by an external company. This paper will provide a definition and description of denial-of- service (DoS) attacks; discuss two organizations recently attacked by this type of security breach and disruption, and provide an assessment of the types of defenses that could be implemented to prevent or minimize denial of service attacks from happening.
Twitter and Netflix Attacked
Denial of service happens when cyber criminals block access to networks or infrastructures by sending an abundance of false attempts overloading the system. The service is temporarily kicked offline by the attack with the customers receiving “404 Not Found” errors from host because the domain name is not found. Distributive Denial of Service (DDoS) is compared to hundreds of thousands of people trying to get through the airport check lines all at one time, and the real ticket holders
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Dyn engineers discovered the botnet was partially due to monitoring or camera devices used on consumers’ computer devices. (Fox-Brewster & Solomon, 2016) Stated in their FORBES article that they had written about this type of vulnerability twice before in articles where they described hackers would have access to vast networks of computing devices that could generate huge traffic volumes which would be a primary key that could cause DDoS attacks (Fox-Brewster & Solomon,

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