Delivering Happiness : A Path For Profits, Passion, And Purpose, By Tony Hsieh

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In the book “Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose,” Tony Hsieh shares interesting lessons learned from his journey as an entrepreneur ranging from starting a worm farm as a kid, running a pizza business, creating a successful tech start-up Link Exchange, running a investment fund, and building Zappos to deliver happiness. I learned many valuable lessons from the book regarding the importance of following passion, taking risks, thinking outside the box, evaluating market opportunities,focusing on culture, building relationships, and sharing and experimenting ideas. The first insight I found interesting from the book is that following passion and being exposed to more perspectives can lead you to success. Regardless of the outcomes, experimenting ideas provide you many lessons, and each experience can guide you to the next level. Tony had an entrepreneurship mindset since childhood, so he focused on how to make more money apart from school-related activities. He tried breeding and selling earthworms when he was nine. During the elementary and middle school years, he tried to make money by holding garage sales, delivering newspapers, creating a newsletter, selling greeting cards, and offering photo pin-on buttons. Although he was not able to make a lot of money from these experiments, he learned a lot about the basics of business. Therefore, I think simply following passion and experimenting with your business ideas can lead you to becoming a…

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