Dehumanization Of The Jews During The Holocaust Essay

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Night Essay
To dehumanize is to deprive someone of compassion, civility, or individuality. During the Holocaust, the Nazis used dehumanization to belittle Jews to mere “things”; objects with no purpose other than to be a nuisance. The Nazis were brutal in their endeavor to wipe out the “insignificant and worthless” Jewish race, mainly forcing their despicable horrors upon the Jewish people in German concentration camps. Although the majority of the dehumanization of the Jews was in German concentration camps, there was also a great deal of injustice towards them long before ending up in those camps. In the first six years alone of Hitler’s dictatorship (between 1933 and 1939), the German Jews were burdened with the hardships of over 400 decrees and regulations that affected both their public and private lives. The beginnings of the regulations included limiting the amount of Jewish students allowed at German schools whether they be public, university, or medical, and excluding Jews from organizations, professions, and public life. For instance, Jewish doctors weren’t allowed to treat non-Jewish patients, and Jewish lawyers were not permitted to be involved in legal matters. Throughout those first six years, the Jews were definitely denied basic rights to all of their public, personal, and religious rights. Once in the concentration camps, the Jews were exposed to even more horrors and hardships that were to come; the true heartless and brutal intentions of the Nazis were…

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