Deception And Deceit In Hamlet

During the 15th and 17th century, Shakespeare created at least 37 plays and collaborated with many others. Some of his famous plays were Othello, Romeo and Juliet, and King Lear.
However, Hamlet attracted the most attention. Hamlet's distinct sense of sarcasm and humor appealed the audience, resulting in Hamlet becoming the most popular play worldwide.
Deception is defined as misleading someone into believing a certain objective. People are usually deceitful when trying to uncover the truth that is hidden. Deception can be used in Hamlet, where Shakespeare molds a society filled with deceit. Each character experiences deceit in order to bring out the truth. The characters in the play do not feel the need the to force someone to speak the truth,
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The use of deception is created throughout the play on numerous occasions such as the staging of the past King’s death, it is filled with deceit because Claudius is trying to convince the people that the King died in battle, but that is not all honesty.
Another example of deception is when Ophelia hides the truth from Hamlet because she does not want to disobey her father. Hamlet has the knowledge that he is being watched by Polonius.
Ophelia could have been honest with Hamlet by telling him the truth about her father and her brother, but she chose to deceive Hamlet because of the close relationship with her father.
Ophelia not telling the truth, leads Hamlet to not trust Ophelia, which also results in Hamlet telling Ophelia he never loved her. Ophelia betrayed Hamlet by lying to him which made him feel that it was right that he betrayed her too by lying to her also.
In the play, Hamlet also deceives everyone by acting as if he is crazy so he can have a better chance of killing Claudius. He did this so they would not know what he was really
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Hamlet was still depressed about his father's loss and
Gertrude quickly getting married to Claudius, gave him more anxiety and depression. Gertrude also betrayed her former husband by marrying his brother. Gertrude betrays Hamlet when she defends Claudius, when Laertes accused him of killing his father Polonius. Rather than saying she had no knowledge of the death, she told Claudius Hamlet was the person who committed the murder. In Hamlet, the ghost also feels betrayed by Hamlet because Hamlet does not kill Claudius immediately like he promised, instead Hamlet is confused on killing Claudius because he does not know if the ghost is good or evil. “Do not forget: this visitation I'd made but to what thy almost blunted purpose.” (3.4.110-111).
Deception is also used in Hamlet when King Claudius did not tell the Queen the wine she drank was poisoned and he did not stop her because if he did he would be exposed.” It is the poson’d cup; it is too late (5.2.282).Claudius also deceived the Queen by trying to kill her only son by poisoning the cup. Claudius knew that the Queen loved her son but he did not care because

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